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Let Peace

Be With You

Welcome to Hallow: a guide to grow in your faith life and find peace through Catholic prayer and meditation

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Get In The Holy Spirit

Hallow is a mobile subscription app. Our goal is to help you grow in your spiritual life by guiding you through different forms of Catholic prayer and Christian meditation. Our hope is to be a resource for you to re-energize your relationship with God and find a place of quiet, peace, and joy in the midst of the chaos and busyness of your day to day life.
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"This is exactly what Catholic millennials need."

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"Hallow is rebuilding the way I think about God."

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"I haven't felt this much peace in a long time."

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"The power of just being with God was unexpected."

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“Hallow can completely renew the way you interact with God on a daily basis."

Mike St. Pierre, Executive Director at Catholic Campus Ministry Association

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“Hallow provides a greatly needed respite and a wonderful array of gifts to more deeply connect with the Divine. Whether you are new to prayer or have explored many prayer practices, come discover a way to still your heart and enter into an ever-deepening relationship with God.”

Lisa Hendey, Founder and editor of CatholicMom.com and bestselling author

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“Hallow is an excellent resource for people searching for deeper spiritual lives, especially for the younger generation of Catholics today.  It helps make it clear that a relationship with God is and can be extremely personal and can be a great source of peace, joy and strength.”

Most Reverend Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend


“Hallow is a great example of how we can use all things and all circumstances in our lives to draw near to God - even our smartphone apps.”

Aurora Griffin, Author of How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard


“Hallow is the practical tool that helps young Catholics today to “be still” and engage the God that is looking to step into their lives, to meet them where they are at.”

Father John Puodziunas, CFO at Franciscan Friars General Curia (global)


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Bring Peace To Your Quiet

Hallow offers several different methods of Catholic mindfulness and prayer in easy-to-follow audio guided sessions. Our aim is to be a place for you to test out different prayer methods and discover your own favorite ways to pray. Our app lets you pick your guide, session length (typically 5, 10, or 15 minutes) and prayer method. We feature several powerful and deeply spiritual prayer methods including:


Christian Meditation:

A technique similar to mindfulness meditation, yet oriented towards inviting God into the silence and sitting with Him. 


The Examen:

A Jesuit technique of prayerfully reflecting on your day, learning to see God in each moment, and sharing your experiences with God.


Lectio Divina:

A meditative method of reading scripture that leads you into a real two-sided conversation with God.

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