#Pray40 Challenge


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What is it?

In short, the #Pray40 Challenge consists of four things:

1. We're organizing the Hallow community to pray every day of Lent

2. We've released 40 new sessions to help guide the prayers each day.

3. We're giving away free 3-month trials so the challenge can be accessed for free for all of Lent.


How do I claim the free 3-month trial?

No promo code required! Simply download Hallow from the App Store or Play Store using the buttons below, create an account, and click on one of the "locked" prayers to bring up the subscription screen and you'll see the option to begin your trial. This is available only if you have not signed up for a free trial in the past.

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Why should I do the challenge?

As you may know, the three pillars of Lent are Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. While there are great benefits to all three, we feel that prayer sometimes falls to the wayside of the other two pillars, and that most folks continue on with their typical prayer routine during Lent. Our hope is to challenge you to take the 40 days of Lent not just to pray, but to pray like never before - even more than you would on any other typical day.


Can I invite friends?

Absolutely! Feel free to shoot this link over directly, or to input the emails of any friends in the form above. Not only can you invite friends, but we heavily encourage you to sign up with other people (bonus points if it's someone you can pray with in-person a few times throughout Lent!). Signing up together is not only a great way to encourage praying together, but it's a great way to ensure you hold each other accountable - we recommend "checking in" on each other's progress every now and then :)


Are we praying for any specific intention?

If you choose to use Hallow's #Pray40 Challenge to help you meet the goal, your guide will walk you through the prayers each day. On top of this, we encourage you to use your time each day for any intention you would like, and additionally would ask that you help us by praying for everyone involved in the #Pray40 challenge and in the larger Hallow community - namely, that they are able to use this time to form a deeper relationship with God and are able to live in His peace and joy.


There's more than 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter - why are there only 40 prayers in the challenge?

We built the challenge to have a prayer for every non-Sunday of Lent. Our hope is that you'll pray with Hallow every day Monday to Saturday, and will take the time to attend church each Sunday where we encourage you to build a prayer habit tied directly to the mass / service. 


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